Agüero Receives Heavily Modified Puma One 5.1 Boots - "More Differences Than Similarities"

Kun Agüero of English Premier League giants Manchester City has received a unique custom version of the Puma One soccer cleats that is more different than similar to the regular version of them, at least in terms of tech....

Sergio Agüero Wears Custom Puma One 5.1 Football Boots With Unique Tongue

Agüero's Puma One 19 boots are quite different to the Puma One 5.1 available to buy in store. Agüero's own Puma One 19 football boots have a standard synthetic tongue instead of the evoKNIT Puma Tongue / upper construction. This also changes parts around the tongue, while the leather in the forefoot area seems to be the same as the one od the standard edition.

Sergio Agüero's Puma One 5.1 football boots not only come with a custom tongue but also with a completely different outsole than the regular Puma One from the Fuzzy Pack.

Interestingly, Agüero did wear non-modified Puma One Ma City edition boots at the start of the season.

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