La Liga Withdraws Puma Winter Ball Due To Poor Visibility

Monday, 28 October 2019
Puma last week released a special Winter Ball for Spanish La Liga, set to be used from October until February. The winter ball debuted last weekend with controversy, as its dark pink tonality made it confusing and less easily distinguishable for players, fans and viewers. Now La Liga announced that they will not use the "magical pink" soccer ball anymore.

Puma La Liga 19-20 Winter Ball Released

La Liga Withdraws Winter Ball Due To Poor Visibility

LaLiga on Sunday evening published an informative note acknowledging their discontent and announcing that, from now on, this winter ball will not be the usual one:

"LaLiga and Puma wish to clarify that the new pink LaLiga ball, presented last week, has been used in all fields of LaLiga Santander and LaLiga SmartBank in the last day as it is the first since its presentation. From now on it will only be used in matches with adverse weather conditions, as planned."

When PUMA and LaLiga presented the official ball in a "magical pink color", the message was another: "The new ball will be used in all LaLiga Santander and LaLiga SmartBank matches from Friday 24 October 2019 until 23 February 2020".

This initial statement called attention to the fact that the use of the ball was established for certain dates, not foreseeing, for example, what would happen if it snowed in March, so it is understood that it was due to a commercial campaign.

Puma La Liga Winter Ball To Be Only With Snowy Grass / Under Snow From Now

LaLiga rectified yesterday and will no longer see the winter ball until you have to play with snowy grass or the game must be played under snow, fog or heavy rain that prevents the clear visibility of the ball.

LaLiga sources confirmed to AS that the body did not receive any formal complaints from clubs, coaches or players.

Those who did complain were mostly fans, who through social networks showed their discontent by stressing that the ball was not distinguishable. The winter ball was born in the Nordic countries and was always a shrill colour (yellow or orange phosphorite) in order to differentiate it when the grass was snowy. Those climatic conditions, in Spain, hardly occur. This weekend in most of the fields the matches were played with a temperature between 15 and 18 degrees and the grounds in perfect condition.

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