Spotted: Germany and US National Team Use WRONG Volkswagen Logo

Earlier this month we reported on VfL Wolfsburg switching to the brand new Volkswagen logo a few games into the season. We fully expected the Germany and US national teams to follow suit this international break - however this was not the case at all.

Both the Germany and USA men's national teams have VW as their main sponsor, with the car brand's logo plastered on the front of the two teams' training wear.

Instead of using the correct logo, which was officially launched in mid-September, both teams continued to use the preliminary version, which is different in some key ways. For example, the letters touch the roundel on the temporary logo, something that's not the case on the final design.

While it's definitely odd, it's possible that both teams already had plenty of training gear prepared with the old logo and didn't want that to go waste / didn't have more stock available to print the logo on. In the case of Germany, the Euro 2020 training collection will be released in time for the next international break, and this time it will all but certain feature the proper logo.

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