New Pics: Spectacular Adidas Arsenal Bruised Banana Kit Remake + Retro Collection Leaked

Update: Two new pictures of the Bruised Banana remake jersey have been leaked.

Pictures just appeared online of a stunning retro collection produced by Adidas for Arsenal FC, including a faithful remake of the original 'Bruised Banana' shirt from the early 1990s - the one that inspired the 1991-92 jersey.

Arsenal Bruised Banana Kit Remake

True to the original, the Bruised Banana remake jersey is yellow with the trademark pattern appearing all over the design.

The old Adidas and Arsenal logo are used and placed on the chest, above the old JVC sponsor text.

Arsenal Retro Tracksuit

Arsenal Retro Windbreaker

Arsenal Retro Pullover

The complete Adidas Arsenal retro collection is set to be released shortly, in January 2020 at the latest. We don't have any pricing information available at the moment.

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