Amazing Nike Red Bull Bragantino 2019 Carijó Kit Released - Sold In Special Cylinder Box

In celebration of winning the Brazilian second division (which means they will play in the first division next season), Nike launched a special jersey for Bragatino.

Inspired by the club's famous carijó jersey, the Red Bull Bragantino 2019 Carijó strip will be already used in the last matchday of the Brazilian Serie B.

Nike Bragatino 2019 Carijó Kit

This is the new Nike Red Bull Bragantino Carijó jersey for 2019-2020.


The Nike Bragatino 2019-2020 Carijó shirt is white with the famous carijó graphic design coming visible through the bottom of the shirt.

On the back under the collar are the years 1989 and 1990 printed in white inside a black box, years of the main achievements of the club. Red Bulls name is below it in black. The classic numbers are inspired by those used in 1990.

Nike combines the Red Bull Bragantino 2019-2020 Carijó shirt with white shorts and socks.

Limited to just 1,900 pieces, the Red Bull Bragantino 2019 Carijó football shirt is sold in a special cylinder box with Bragantino crest and the carijó print.

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