Revolutionary - Green Czech Republic Euro 2020 Away Kit Released

The new Czech Republic away kit just got leaked, introducing an eye-catching and bright look courtesy of Puma. We expect it to be launched shortly.

“The idea of ​​creating a new outdoor set of jerseys came about two years ago, and we already anticipated that the reactions of the fans would be very stormy. Just because green is not the Czech traditional color. And in fact, it's kind of our goal. We want to evoke emotions and we are not afraid of change. The new jerseys look bold, ambitious, fresh and ferocious - which are exactly the attributes that fit the current Czech team, which has undergone a generational change in recent years. Therefore, I believe that this seemingly unexpected connection will work, ”said the Chairman of the Football Association of the Czech Republic Martin Malík.

Czech Republic Euro 2020 Away Jersey

Check out the Czech Republic Euro 2020 away jersey below.

It's an unusual look, the new Czech Republic away football shirt is lime green with black, including a monochrome logo on the left chest.

The collar and sleeve cuffs of the Czech Republic 2020 away jersey are also black.

A subtle geometric graphic print appears on the front. The pattern on the jersey is a modern representation of the linden leaf structure, just as the color is inspired by the shade of young linden leaves.

“We have a tradition with our home jerseys, but we have taken a new direction for the off-road variants, we are experimenting more. Like Italians with new green jerseys and Swiss with pink. However, the main objective of PUMA remains the retention of the country's reference. For Czech jerseys this reference is a linden leaf. It is significant that jerseys inspired by lime, which reminds us of national freedom, will first be worn by players on the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution, ”said Jan Sochor, PUMA Director General for Eastern Europe.

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