France Euro 2020 Away Kit Design Leaked?!

While Adidas and Puma have already revealed a major part of their Euro 2020 kit lineup, we will have to wait until next year to get an (official) glimpse at the Nike Euro 2020 kits.

Meanwhile, some pictures showing key items from Nike's Euro 2020 collections have been leaked by @ofoball, including a unique France football. In the past Nike have been known to produce footballs closely based on the design of their kits.

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Nike France Euro 2020 Design(?)

This picture shows the white Nike France Euro 2020 soccer ball.

The football, which could show the design of the France Euro 2020 away kit, is white with red logos and a unique all-over graphic print.

In the past we've often observed Nike release footballs closely based on the designs of their kits for major teams. Below you can see a few examples side by side.

We have also already been able to confirm that the France Euro 2020 away kit will be white, which would not contradict this one.

However, at the moment we are still skeptical, mainly because that the fan footballs released by Nike for the 2018 World Cup kits - which were initially expected to show the actual kit designs as before - ended up showing the designs of the pre-match shirts.

It's well possible that the design will only be seen on the France 2020 Euro pre-match jersey, although that would also be an interesting option. Either way, we'll keep you updated as the release date of Nike's Euro 2020 kits gets closer.

Would you like this to be the France 2020 away kit design? Comment below, and check out all Euro 2020 kits in the Overview.