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Inspired By Man City 89-91 Kit - Umbro Sport Recife 19-20 Third Kit Released

The new Sport Recife third kit was unveiled yesterday. Made by Umbro and set to be worn in the Brasileirão, the new Sport Recife 2019-20 third jersey is inspired by the classic 1989-1991 Man City shirt.

Sport Recife Umbro 2019-20 Third Shirt

This is the Sport Recife 2019-20 third shirt.

Sport Recife's new 19-20 third shirt is black with tonal zig zag stripes running across the jersey. The pattern draws inspiration from the Man City 89-91 kit by Umbro.

The Umbro Sport Recife 2019-2020 third shirt comes with red and yellow logos and applications. Details include a lion taken from the club crest embossed on the sleeves and a gold hexagon at the bottom right corner of the jersey. The gold badge celebrates Umbro’s 95th birthday and features the different variations on the classic double diamond logo used over the years.

Black shorts and socks round off the look of the new Sport Recife 2019-2020 third uniform by Umbro.

The Sport Recife 2019-2020 third football shirt will be available from November 19.

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