REVEALED: Nike Red Bull Bragantino Kits Could Feature Unique Iconic Classic Design

In 2019, Red Bull brought Brazilian club CA Bragantino. In the first year with Red Bull, the club won the title of Serie B Brasileirão, which means that they will play in the first division of Brazil next year. Now it has been revealed that they will get bespoke jerseys next year. Thanks to Mantos do Futebol for info.

The first-ever Nike RB Bragantino jersey did not feature bespoke designs as they were created quickly after Red Bull purchased CA Bragantino.

Boring - All-New Red Bull Bragatino Logo Leaked

The new logo of of Red Bull Bragatino got leaked earlier this month - it comes with the same look as other Red Bull football team logos.

Red Bull Bragantino Executive Director Reveals That Kits Could Feature Unique Designs

The change of the logo of Bragantino seemed to be (was) unavoidable - now the the club seeks to look to the past to try to please the more traditional fans. It is is possible that the famous "Carijó" shirt design, which is one of the main symbols of Bragantino, will return with Nike.

The so-called "Carijó kit" appeared for the first time in the early 1990s, the most successful era of the CA Bragantino's history. CA Bragantino won a Paulista Championship (important regional tournament in Brazil) and became runner-up in the Brazilian Championship.

In an article published by UOL, Thiago Scuro, executive director of the team, revealed that the subject is already discussed internally with representatives of Nike.

"I can't say anything about this [the return of the checkered uniform]. About next year's jersey, it is something that we are evaluating in an internal way", commented the leader to UOL.

If there is an obligation with regard to changing the shield, in relation to the uniform, there is greater freedom, so much so that the club has already said that the shirts of Red Bull Bragantino should continue to be black and white, without the addition of red or blue, which usually appear in teams of the franchise. Therefore, the creation of the carijó shirt is totally possible, as long as Nike decides to put the idea into practice.

"In fact, if you notice, each club is free to choose its own uniform. There is no recommendation or standard. Leipzig can wear one, Salzburg can wear another... All this is defined between each club and its sports equipment supplier. There's freedom for that kind of decision," commented Scuro.

The first "unique" Nike Red Bragantino kits are set to be launched in early 2020, possibly already in January ahead of the start of the Paulista Championship.

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