Boring - All-New Red Bull Bragatino Logo Leaked

Already last year, Red Bull bought Brazilian soccer club CA Bragatino. Following the purchase, the club was renamed to "RB Bragatino - Red Bull Bragatino", while a new crest was announced to be revealed in early 2020. Now the likely new logo of Red Bull Bragatino got leaked.

Red Bull Bragatino 2020 Logo

This is the new Red Bull Bragatino logo.

The new Bragatino logo has nothing to do with the club's current crest - It is not unique or bespoke at all but just comes with the standard Red Bull style used for all of their clubs.

In fact, the Red Bull Bragatino logo is almost the same as the Red Bull Brazil logo, Red Bull's "old" Brazilian team.

Above are some concepts of how designers would have liked the RB Bragatino logo to look like....

Interestingly, the colors of the Red Bull Bragatino's kits will keep the same, Red Bull announced already some months ago.

The new Red Bull Bragatino logo is expected to be launched in late 2019 / early 2020.

What do you think of the Red Bull Bragatino logo? Would you have like it to look like one of the concepts? Share your thoughts in the comments below.