UEFA Rules Strike Again - Inter Milan Forced To Change Socks In Champions League

If you watched yesterday's UEFA Champions League match between German club Dortmund and Italian side Internazionale, you might have noticed that Inter were not wearing their usual away kit combo. Thanks to @soccerstyle24 for the spot.

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Inter's Half-And-Half Socks Cause "Kit Clash", At Least According To UEFA Equipment Regulations

Inter Milan had to do it without the aqua blue upper part of the socks as the original two-colored half-ans-half socks did not comply with the strict UEFA regulations, which saw a clash with BVB's all-yellow socks.

In case you are wondering - the original Nike Internazionale 2019-20 away kit version was used away against FC Barcelona´, interestingly and also quite strangely.

Liverpool Debuts All-Red Socks - Here Is Why

It is nothing new that teams have to change two-colored socks. In fact, Liverpool has registered two-colored and "one-colored" socks for their home kit, and many other teams are expected to have registered different socks (and kit combo) versions as well.

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