Exclusive: Nike Brazil 2020 Away Kit Leaked

Update: Confirming our previous post about the design, we can today give you a full look at the Brazil 2020 Copa America away shirt, which is based on the same template as the 1970-inspired home kit. Many thanks to Marcel!

Exclusive: Nike Brazil Copa America 2020 Home Kit Leaked - Real Pictures

Both new Brazil kits are set to be officially revealed in the coming weeks.

Brazil 2020 Copa America Away Kit Design

This image shows the design of Brazil's next away kit.

In similar fashion to the home kit, which features a flag-inspired graphic on the collar and sleeve cuffs, the Brazil 2020 away kit boasts a flag-inspired gradient on the front and sleeves.

The lateral shapes, sleeve cuffs and the collar of the new Brazil 2020 away shirt are colored in the darker shade of blue, which transitions towards a lighter shade of the color at the bottom of the shirt.

The new federation logo, unveiled last year, makes its debut on the Nike Brazil 2020 kits.

New Brazil Logo Unveiled

It's a stunning look that reminds us of the iconic 2014 Netherlands away kit, which we recently named as one of our favorite designs of the 2010s.

A similar design can be seen on a jacket from the same collection, which is also blue, were it's repeated in a hoop pattern.

Stay tuned for more pictures of the Brazil 2020 Copa America away kit by Nike as we get closer to the full launch.

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