'Yellow Tint' Arsenal 20-21 Training Kit + Pre-Match Shirt Revealed

Update: Arsenal has officially revealed its new training jersey for 2020-21. It features a new Fly Emirates logo with Fly Better below the standard Emirates logo.

Update: A real-life picture of the yellow tint Arsenal 2020-21 training top made the rounds on social media. It shows off the quite crazy fuzzy yellow color of the collection.

Update: The new Arsenal 2020-21 training kit has been released by Adidas in the US. The shirt is available for USD 50, the long-sleeve top for USD 80 and the training pants for USD 55.

Unlike as it is the case for some other teams, the Arsenal 20-21 training collection does not feature the colors of one of the kits but one-of-a-kind, training range exclusive color combos.

Arsenal 2020-2021 Training Shirt

Check out Adidas' Arsenal FC 20-21 training shirt below.

A bold and striking look, the first Adidas Arsenal FC 20-21 training shirt combines an icey yellow ('yellow tint') base with peach and purple logos. The second Arsenal training shirt is navy.

Template-wise, the Adidas Arsenal FC 2020-21 training jersey is based on the same design as other Adidas 2020-2021 training jerseys.

The pants / shorts of the Arsenal 2020-2021 training uniform are dark navy.

Items like different jackets, trousers and tees complete the Arsenal 2020-2021 training collection.

Arsenal 2020-21 Pre-match Jersey

Based on the same idea as the Bayern and Man United preshirts, the Adidas Arsenal FC 2020-21 pre-match shirt is predominantly maroon with the characteristic brush graphic appearing in black.

Bold Adidas Arsenal 20-21 Pre-Match Kit Leaked

The first pieces of the Adidas Arsenal 2020-2021 training collection were launched in the US on 3 June 2020.

What do you think of the Arsenal 2020-2021 training collection and its color combo? Would you have liked Adidas to release an Arsenal kit with that colors? Drop us a line below.