Nike Future Lab II Boots Collection Released

Nike today released a striking new football boots collection, the Nike Future Lab II pack. The pack follows on the Nike Future Lab pack that was released in Januar 2020.

Full Nike 2020 'Future Lab" Boots Pack Revealed | Includes Next-Gen Phantom VSN + Coordinates Of Ronaldo Pitch Nike HQ

Nike Future Lab II Football Boots Collection

The Nike Future Lab II boots introduce fresh and striking designs for all of the main silos except the Tiempo, which is not included. The Mercurial of the collection are "White / Laser Crimson / Black", while the two Phantom boots are "Green Strike / Metallic Platinum".

Nike Mercurial Superfly VII Elite - White / Laser Crimson / Black - Future Lab II

The boots are predominantly white with black and red ('laser crimson') accents. The brandings are red, while the graphic on the sides, the same one seen on the 'Future Lab' edition, is black.

White / Laser Crimson Nike Mercurial 2020 Boots Leaked - Superfly & Vapor

Nike Phantom Venom - Green Strike / Black - Future Lab II

The new 'Green Strike / Black' Nike Phantom Venom soccer boots introduce a bold look: they are predominantly 'green strike' with black accents in the form of the upper tongue area and the sole plate.

"Green Strike" Nike Phantom Venom Boots Leaked - Release Imminent

Nike Phantom Vision 2 - Green Strike / Metallic Platinum - Future Lab II

A garish look, these Nike Phantom Vision boots are bold, but only at first - they combine a 'Green Strike' main color with black and silver applications. They will look rather inconspicuous on world's pitches this summer.

'Green Strike' Nike Phantom Vision 2 2020 Boots Leaked

Tech-wise, the Nike Future Lab II Mercurial 360 boots, the Nike Future Lab II Phantom VSN and the Nike Future Lab II VNM boots are the same as previous colorways.

The Nike Future Lab II football boots are available now at selected retailers - there are no lower-tier versions.

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