Paraguay Signs Puma Kit Deal To Replace Adidas - No Joma In The End

Friday, 1 May 2020
Update: The Paraguayan Football Association announced that they have agreed and signed a deal with Puma to become the country's new kit maker with immediate effect. We expect the first-ever modern Paraguay Puma kits to be released in early Fall 2020.

Puma Becomes Paraguay Kit Maker

Puma is set to become the new kit maker of the Paraguayan Football Association, it is reported by Paraguayan newspaper VERSUS.

Puma previously already had been making Paraguay's kits from 1999 until 2007. Since 2007, Paraguay had been sponsored by Adidas. The deal Adidas already ended a few months ago and as it withdraws from the country, there will be no contract extension. In addition, there was already a certain breach by the brand of the three stripes, which had problems importing certain garments.

Puma To Become Paraguay Kit Maker

Puma, which is represented by Kemsa in Paraguay, "will finally almost certainly be the brand that will dress the Albirroja for the next World Cup qualifier and upcoming competitions. In fact, the German firm was already bidding with Joma a while back, but it had lagged behind. Finally, the APF negotiated again and there is an agreement to show the cat on the chest again, after exactly 13 long years."

VERSUS could not access the exact amount of the agreement, but it would be a similar or a little less money than what was offered at some time by Joma (one million dollars per season). Puma would provide the APF with 40,000 garments a year, to dress the senior team, youth teams, women, FIFA beach soccer futsal.

Paraguay to Sign Joma Kit Deal to Replace Adidas

What happened to the Joma deal, which was almost signed? Before the start of the coronary virus pandemic, the APF had almost closed negotiations with the Spanish brand Joma, for 4 years and an amount close to a million dollars and 38,000 garments per season. With the economic crisis that COVID-19 brought, things changed, there was no agreement, and the Paraguayan Football Association resumed talks with Puma.

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