Based On Leaked Info | How The Adidas Fenerbahce 20-21 Home, Away & Third Kits Could Look Like

Based on the first info about the Fenerbahce 20-21 home, away and third kits that was leaked last month, Turkish kit designer @ozandod (Ozando) has created concepts of how the Adidas Fenerbahce 2020-21 kits could look like.

Fenerbahçe 20-21 Home & Away Kits Info Leaked

Adidas Fenerbahce 2020-21 Concept Home Shirt By Ozando

This is the Fenerbahce 2020-2021 concept home football shirt by Ozando.

The new Fenerbahce 2020-21 concept home jersey is a modern take on the club's iconic yellow and navy blue vertical stripes design.

Fenerbahce Adidas 2020-2021 Concept Away Kit

This is the Fenerbahce 2020-2021 concept away shirt by Ozando.

Inspired by the fans' favorite golden 100th anniversary jersey from 2006-2007, the Adidas Fenerbahce 2020-2021 concept away jersey has a golden base color. The concept comes with navy logos and a subtle stripes design.

Fenerbahce Adidas 2020-21 Concept Third Kit

Fenerbahce's new 20-21 third shirt is the only kit that has fantasy colors, at least we think so. The Fenerbahçe S.K. 2020-2021 third concept uses the Adidas Condivo 20 template with custom colors and elements - it is silver with all logos and applications in navy.

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