Unique Nike 20-21 Pre-Match Jerseys Released - Barcelona, Inter, PSG, Liverpool and Many More

After many Nike 20-21 club pre-match jerseys got leaked exclusively over the past few weeks, today we take a look at the Nike 2020-2021 pre-match uniforms that will be released this summer for the 2020-2021 season.

Make sure to also check out Nike's anthem jackets for these clubs.

Nike 20-21 Anthem Jackets Released - Barcelona, Chelsea, Inter, Liverpool, PSG, Roma and More

Nike 2020-2021 Pre-Match Jerseys

Just as in previous years, the Nike 2020-21 pre-match uniforms do not feature standard designs but bespoke looks for each club.

There are a few more that will still be released, mainly the Champions League pre-match shirts - there are some rumors pointing to them being based on the same template as Leipzig's.

Barcelona 20-21 Pre Match Shirt

The Barcelona 20-21 pre-match jersey boasts an one-of-a-kind look - it features differently sized "squares" in an abstract 3D style - inspired by the iconic mosaic designs of famous Barcelona artist Gaudi.

Spectacular FC Barcelona 20-21 Pre-Match Shirt Released - Inspired by Gaudí Mosaics

Inter 20-21 Pre-Match Shirt

Based on the same template as all other Nike 20-21 warmup shirts, the Nike Inter Milan 20-21 pre-match shirt is predominantly black with an abstract all-over graphic print.

Inter Milan 20-21 Pre-Match Shirt Released

Liverpool 20-21 Pre-Match Shirt

A smart look, the Nike Liverpool FC 2020-2021 pre-match football shirt is black with red logos, based on Nike's new warmup shirt template.

Liverpool 20-21 Pre-Match Shirt Released

Liverpool 20-21 Away Pre-Match Shirt

Based on the same template as the black home pre-match top, the Nike Liverpool 2020-21 away pre-match football shirt is predominantly turquoise, combined with black.

Nike Liverpool 20-21 Away Pre-Match Shirt Released

Roma 20-21 Pre-Match Shirt

The Nike AS Roma 2020-2021 pre-match jersey introduces a bold and crazy design that's somewhat inspired by the 1980s-influenced 'lollipop' look of the Roma 2020-21 home kit.

AS Roma 20-21 Pre-Match Shirt Released

PSG 20-21 Pre-Match Shirt

The Nike Paris Saint-Germain 2020-21 pre-match shirt introduces a bespoke look for the club. It is red with a pattern that consists of a distorted 'PARIS' text appearing all over it.

Nike PSG 20-21 Pre-Match Shirt Leaked - 3 New Pictures

Tottenham Hotspur 20-21 Home & Away Pre-Match Shirts

Bold Tottenham Hotspur 20-21 Home & Away Pre-Match Shirts Leaked

Chelsea 20-21 Pre-Match Shirt

Based on Nike's new template, which we've already seen on the 2020 national team collections as well as the other leaked 20-21 club pre-match shirts, the Nike Chelsea 20-21 pre-match football shirt combines three shades of blue.

Chelsea 20-21 Pre-Match Shirt + Anthem Jacket Leaked

Atletico Madrid 20-21 Pre-Match Shirt

The Nike Atlético Madrid 2020-2021 pre-match jersey is red with an all-over graphic pattern and blue logos and trim, based on the Nike 20-21 pre-match template.

Atlético Madrid 20-21 Pre-Match Shirt Leaked

RB Leipzig 20-21 Pre-Match Shirt

Introducing a truly outrageous design, the Nike RB Leipzig 20-21 pre-match jersey is covered in a mesmerizing graphic print, which consists of a huge variety of shapes in several shades of grey and orange.

Mesmerizing RB Leipzig 20-21 Pre-Match Shirt Released


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Galatasaray 20-21 Pre-Match Shirt

Eintracht Frankfurt 20-21 Pre-Match Shirt

This is the Eintracht Frankfurt 2020-2021 warm-up jersey, manufactured by Nike.

Nike Eintracht Frankfurt 20-21 Pre-Match Jersey Released - Home & Away Kits Coming Soon?

There are a number of more Nike 2020-21 pre-match shirts based on the template of Frankfurt and Galatasaray, which is not exclusive to these two.

What do you think about the Nike 20-21 pre-match jerseys so far? Comment below, and check out the Kit Overview.