All-New Bermuda Football Logo Revealed

The Bermuda Football Association yesterday launched an all-new logo visual identity for 2020 and beyond.

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Gepostet von Bermuda Football Association am Montag, 1. Juni 2020

The Bermuda Football Association is the official football (soccer) organization in Bermuda and is in charge of the Bermudian national team. They are on place 168 of the FIFA World Ranking.

New Bermuda Logo - 2020

This is the completely new Bermuda national team badge.

The new Bermuda logo is completely different to the current crest. Whereas the old logo had a traditional look for soccer national teams, the new Bermuda logo comes with a radical reduced design.

The brand-new Bermuda logo has the colors that identify the country's sports teams (blue / white / pink) and is formed by three triangles that represent: "Soccer. Opportunity. Community"

The new logo and visual identify will be fully adopted by the Bermuda national teams in 2020.

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