Celtic To Become 6th Adidas Elite Club?

Images of the new Adidas Celtic 2020-21 kits got leaked some days ago. The leaked Celtic 20-21 kits were pictured together with the jerseys of the five major Adidas teams - will Celtic become a new Adidas 'Elite Club'?

In the 2019-2020 season, there are five Adidas Elite Clubs from Europe - Arsenal, Bayern, Juventus, Manchester United and Real Madrid. Brazilian side Flamengo is between Adidas' Elite clubs and second-tier teams (they get the premium treatment in South America but no Chinese New Year collection, in example).

Celtic x Adidas: New Elite Club?

The Adidas Celtic 20-21 kits were pictured together with those of the five other Adidas Elite teams, a clear indication that Celtic is a new Adidas top club.

In fact, all Adidas Celtic 2020-21 items are strictly confidential. There are no leaks of any other Adidas Celtic 20-21 products apart from the two kits.

Celtic To Become New Adidas Premium Team: Chance 30%

As of now, however, it is not certain if Celtic will actually become an Adidas premium team. It is also possible that the Adidas Celtic 2020-2021 kits are featured on these images because they are a new Adidas club.

In fact, teams of the level of Celtic like Besiktas, Fenerbahce, Ajax and Lyon are internally called Adidas 'B Clubs'.

It is also possible that Celtic will get the same treatment as Flamengo, just in Europe only.

The first-ever Adidas Celtic football kits in history are set to launch in July 2020.

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