Premier League To Have Virtual Noise But No Virtual Crowd

Wednesday, 17 June 2020
Yesterday, we gave you a detailed look at the virtual crowd and noise of Spanish La Liga. Following up on our article, we have been made aware that there is already detailed info of how the Premier League will resume in TV today. Story via Sports Illustrated.

Please Not Do This, Premier League - La Liga Adds Ridiculous Virtual Crowd And Sounds To Fake Crowd

The Premier League will return this night with two matches.

Premier League To Have Crowd Noise From EA Sports

As it has been revealed some days ago, Electronic Arts will supply crowd noise to England’s Premier League, just as they did with La Liga. EA Sports has gathered both leagues over the years for its FIFA Soccer franchise.

“This is definitely not a situation anyone thought of to show off our library. The important thing is hopefully it enhances the experience for someone watching a game,” said EA audio artist Paul Boechler.

According to Andrew Vance, a producer and designer for EA Sports, broadcasters will have over 800 sound clips available for their respective leagues, ranging from crowd chants at Anfield during Liverpool matches to Barcelona fans at Camp Nou showing their displeasure when one of their players is shown a yellow card.

“The simple way to look at it is the sound operator will be like a DJ. He will have a mix board and sound board where he can hit the button for reaction from a tackle from an away player or a shot from the home team,” Vance said. “There is nothing simulated or generic. It is all club-specific content. You are hearing everything that has been captured from home fans.”

However, the Premier League will not use virtual crowds. La Liga superimposed fans in the lower sections of the main stands and behind the goals, but it looked two dimensional. Sometimes, the picture interfered with the main image.

Do you look forward to the return of the Premier League? What do you think of fake crowds and fake noise? Share your thoughts in the comments below.
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