Almost Complete - All Leaked & Official 20-21 Scottish Premiership Kits

Let's take a look at all Scottish Premiership 20-21 kits that have been released and / or leaked so far, including Celtic, Rangers, Livingston FC and Hibernian FC. The 2020-21 Scottish Premiership season is due to begin on 1 August 2020.

2020-2021 Scottish Premiership Football Shirts

So far, the Scottish Premiership has already seen a lot of leaks and releases for the 2020-21 season, including those of Celtic, Rangers and Aberdeen.



Taking influence from the home shirts worn between 1958 and '64, the Adidas Aberdeen FC 20-21 home shirt is predominantly red with a thick white collar and broad white sleeves - in a way it's the Condivo 20 template but without the print.

Aberdeen 20-21 Home & Away Kits Released


The Adidas Aberdeen 2020-2021 away jersey has a white base for the first time since the 2015-16 season. A black-and-gold center stripe is the centerpiece of the design of the Adidas Aberdeen FC 20-21 away shirt as a nod to the club's early years.



The Adidas Celtic 2020-21 shirt introduces a very clean and classy design for Adidas' debut with the club.

Adidas Celtic 20-21 Home Kit Released


A unique look, the Adidas Celtic 20-21 away shirt is light green, with accents in a darker, more saturated shade of green.

Adidas Celtic 20-21 Away Kit Released


The Adidas Celtic FC 2020-21 third shirt is predominantly black and based on the Adidas Condivo template with its oversized 1990s-inspired collar.

Adidas Celtic 20-21 Third Kit Released

Goalkeeper Home

The new Adidas Celtic 2020-2021 keeper kit is purple and green, based on the Adidas Adipro 20 goalkeeper template.

Dundee United


A clean look, the Macron Dundee United 2020-2021 home jersey is orange with a melange fabric and black accents on the collar, cuffs and hem.

Dundee United 20-21 Home Kit Released


A unique look as usual with Macron, the Macron Dundee United 2020-21 away jersey is predominantly purple, a color that the club had not used before and that is inspired by Alzheimer Scotland who the club partnered up with for this one.

Unique Dundee United 20-21 Away Kit Released - Partnership With Alzheimer Scotland

Hamilton Academical


Hamilton Academical 20-21 Home & Away Kits Released


What do you make of the new Hamilton Academical 2020-21 home and away kits? Drop us a line below.

Hibernian FC


The Macron Hibs 2020-21 football shirt introduces a clean design in green with white sleeves and dark green trim on the shoulders, cuffs and neck.

Hibernian FC 20-21 Home & Away Kits Revealed - Feature 'Thank You NHS' Instead of Sponsor


The Macron Hibernian 2020-21 away shirt is dark grey with tonal pinstripes and purple accents. The Macron and Thank You NHS logos are white.


The Macron Hibernian 2020-21 third jersey introduces a vibrant look in yellow and green. However, the most special aspect of the Macron Hibernian 2020-2021 third football shirt is something different.

Hibernian 20-21 Third Kit Released - Features Name Of Club Supporters During COVID-19 Crisis

St Johnstone


A clean look in blue and white, the unusual collar is the oustanding feature of the Macron St Johnstone 2020-2021 home football shirt.

St Johnstone 20-21 Home Kit Released



The Hummel Kilmarnock FC 2020-2021 home shirt boasts the traditional blue and white stripes of the team.

No More Nike - Hummel Kilmarnock 20-21 Home & Away Kits Released


For the first time since the 2009-10 season, the Hummel Kilmarnock 2020-2021 away jersey is white. The Hummel Kilmarnock 2020-21 away shirt has a classic yet classy design.

Livingston FC


A smart look, the Nike Livingston Football Club 2020-2021 home football shirt does not has a bespoke design but is based on the Nike Trophy IV 2020-21 teamwear the Nike Livingston FC 2020-21 jersey.

Nike Livingston FC 20-21 Home & Away Kits Released


The Nike Livingston FC 2020-21 away jersey introduces a clean design based on the Nike Challenge III template.

St. Mirren


The Joma St. Mirren 2020-2021 home jersey returns to the club's traditional look featuring five black stripes which pay homage to our current club crest. The back of the home shirt will be plain black with gold detailing.

St. Mirren 20-21 Home & Away Kits Released


After last season’s away shirt boasted a striking pink and black color combo, the Joma St. Mirren 20-21 away shirt is red and black. The Joma St Mirren Football Club 2020-21 away jersey has an one-of-a-kind gradient stripes design.



Inspired by the strip worn by the 1950 League Cup winning side, the Macron Motherwell 20-21 home jersey brings a retro aesthetic that sees the claret chest band extend onto the sleeves.

Classy Motherwell 20-21 Home & Away Kits Released


The Macron Motherwell 20-21 away jersey is predominantly blue, paying homage to the the club's original colors when it played its first game in 1886.



The Castore Rangers 2020-2021 shirt introduces a clean design with an intricate collar, which features red trim, and a very faint jacquard print on the front.

Castore Rangers 20-21 Home Kit Revealed


The Castore Rangers 20-21 away shirt is white with a subtle fade towards the shorts as well as a bold blue-red mesh panel around the shoulders and arms.

Castore Rangers 20-21 Away Kit Released


The Castore Rangers 2020-2021 third shirt is predominantly black with a retro-inspired jacquard stripe pattern on the front, combinde with orange accents and logos.

Rangers 20-21 Third Kit Released


The Castore Rangers FC 2020-2021 goalkeeper jersey boasts a modern design in white, blue and red. The Castore Rangers 2020-21 goalkeeper jersey comes with a stylish subtle blue graphic design on the front.

Stunning Castore Rangers 20-21 Goalkeeper Kit Revealed

Goalkeeper Away

The Castore Rangers FC 2020-2021 goalkeeper away shirt is yellow with white accents and black logos.

Goalkeeper Third

The Castore Rangers FC 2020-21 goalkeeper third shirt is orange.

Ross County


The Macron Ross County Football Club 2020-2021 jersey is navy, white and red. The Macron Ross County 2020-2021 football shirt features a modern graphic design.

Ross County 20-21 Home & Away Kits Released


The Macron Ross County FC 2020-21 away shirt fades from a sky blue top to white on the lower half. The Macron Ross County 2020-21 away jersey has sky blue sleeves. The sky blue part on the back is larger than on the front.

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