Castore Rangers 20-21 Away Kit Released

The Rangers 20-21 away and goalkeeper away uniforms was officially released by the Scottish club and new supplier Castore today, adding to the home kit which was launched last month.

Today's release of Rangers FC's new 2020-2021 away and goalkeeper strips further lends credibility to the earlier leak that showed the entire Rangers Castore match and training collection.

Rangers Castore 2020-2021 Away Kit

This is the Rangers 2020-21 away shirt, made by Castore.

The Castore Rangers 20-21 away shirt is white with a subtle fade towards the shorts as well as a bold blue-red mesh panel around the shoulders and arms.

The same colors are applied to the sleeve cuffs of the Castore Rangers 2020-21 away jersey, which are navy with red piping.

The Castore Rangers FC 2020-2021 away football shirt also contains “We’ll follow near and far” as a special tribute to the Rangers fans.

Castore combines the Rangers 2020-21 away football shirt with navy shorts and white socks.

The Rangers FC 20-21 away strip is available since August 1, retailing at £60.

Rangers 20-21 Goalkeeper Away Kit

Check out Castore's Rangers 2020-2021 goalkeeper away shirt below.

The Castore Rangers FC 2020-2021 goalkeeper away shirt is yellow with white accents and black logos.

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