Free Google Font? All-New Celtic / Scottish Premiership 20-21 Kit Font Revealed?

The release of the Adidas 2020-21 Celtic kit finally took place on Friday. It has possible also brought us a first look at the possible new 2020-21 Celtic kit typeface...

Adidas Celtic 20-21 Home Kit Released

The Celtic FC 2020-21 home kit is available to customize on the store's website. While this usually should be a clear sign that it is official, this time it is different.

2019-20 kit

Celtic Uses Standard Saira Condensed Google Font For Kit Creator On Website

The possible 2020-21 Celtic name and number font has a modern look - the typeface is mainly black with a white border. However, it is a not a bespoke typeface.

However, a look at the source code of the website reveals that it is indeed the "Saira Condensed" font. The "Saira Condensed" font is available for free use.

"Saira is a sans serif system. It features a huge range of weights and widths, ready for all kind of typographic challenges. This typeface was designed by Hector Gatti and developed by the Omnibus Type team."

A look at the stores of other Scottish Premiership clubs shows off that the league will not introduce a new typeface for the 2020-2021 season. All 20-21 kits of other teams have the well-known SPFL typeface introduced in 2015.

So, the Celtic font featured on the website is either the official Adidas European font or just a placeholder.

Celtic had a bespoke typeface in European competitions in recent seasons with New Balance.

Stay tuned for more about the possible 2020-21 SPFL kit typeface.

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