Konami Announce AC Milan & Inter License Losses

Earlier today, Konami released two "Important Notice[s] About License Loss", detailing that the brand's licensing contracts with Italian giants AC Milan and Inter would not be renewed.

Thank you for playing eFootball PES 2020 and your continued support.
Our licensing contract with FC Internazionale Milano / AC Milan will not be renewed.
The representation of the Club will not be affected in eFootball PES 2020.
*This will not affect your acquired myClub players and can be used as normal in-game.

While the announcement does not give any details about it, the wording suggests that AC Milan and Inter will appear with fake names, logos and kits in PES 2021 - similar to Juventus, who have an exclusive deal with PES, do in FIFA.

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There is a slim chance that the news only affects Konami's 'Partner Club' deals with both Milan clubs. In that case they could continue to feature in the game fully licensed but not cooperate on marketing or have legends appear in myClub.

EA and Konami's respective agreements with Serie A are not exclusive, which allows for clubs to negotiate exclusive individual deals with either brand if they wish.

It's the latest blow for PES fans following the rumors about PES 2021 being published as a 'season update' to PES 2020 instead of a full game release.

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