Manchester City 20-21 Cup Font Released - Global Puma Style

Just as in previous seasons, Manchester City received a special font in their 2020-21 Cup matches. We take a closer look at the Man City 20-21 cup font, which was debuted in Saturday's FA Cup semi-final against Arsenal.

Manchester City 20-21 Home Kit + New Kit Font + Pre-Match Debuted

Puma Manchester City 20-21 Font

The font style used for the Manchester City 20-21 Cup Font features has a slim and long appearance. It features the Man City crest on the bottom, while the numbers and letters are solid navy without a graphic effect.

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In fact, the Man City 20-21 font style has not been designed for the club but is the same as the standard Puma 2020 jersey font.

2019-20 Manchester City jersey font

The new typeface will be used by Manchester City will be used in all cup competitions (Champions League, FA Cup, League Cup) for the 2020-2021 season.

Premier League font

Manchester City's Puma kit is available to customize with player's typeface for 18 Euro extra.

Manchester City 20-21 Home Kit Released

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