3 Discarded Serie A 20-21 Kit Fonts Revealed

Following the reveal of the first-ever streamlined Italian Serie A kit font, Italian football fan Luca Chiaravalli (@Luca_Chiara98) has given us a look at some streamlined Serie A typefaces that did not make it.

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Discarded Serie A 2020 Kit Typefaces

Serie A did not only had one typeface to choose from but came up with at three another different font styles.

The first discarded Serie A typeface (called Proposta 1 - Proposal 1) has a roundel modern look.

The second discarded Serie A typeface (called Proposta 2 - Proposal 2) is inspired by the league's logo, with a clear, edgy style.

The third discarded Serie A typeface (called Proposta 3- Proposal 3) has a more standard yet modern look.

As visible on the pictures, the official Serie A typeface has been developed in partnership with Italian company Stillscreen. Based in Bellusco (25 km northeast of Milan), Stilscreen has been producing heat transfers used for the decoration of sportswear, fabrics and various materials for over 40 years.

The chosen streamlined Serie A kit font is set to be used in the next few years.

Official Serie A font

Which if these scrapped Serie A fonts is your favorite? Do you like actual new Serie A 2020 kit typeface? Drop us a line below.