Hertha Berlin Wears Special 'Für Pauline' Kit - Here Is What It Is About

In yesterday's Bundesliga match between Hertha BSC and Eintracht Frankfurt, Hertha Berlin swore a special kit to send a signal for all blood cancer patients.

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Hertha Berlin is currently without a main sponsor after they canceled their deal with Tedi.

Hertha Berlin To Change Main Sponsor One Year Early

Hertha Berlin Wears Special 'Für Paluina' Kit To Make Aware Of Blood Cancer

The special Hertha Berlin kit featured a logo with the a footprint and the writing "Für Pauline" ('for Pauline') to make aware of the fate of little Pauline, who was diagnosed with blood cancer.

Eight months old Pauline must fight now already for its life. After being diagnosed with blood cancer, the worldwide search began for the genetic twin that could enable Pauline to live on through a stem cell donation. Until now, this search has been in vain.

With her footprint on the jersey, the professional footballers want to draw attention to all people worldwide who suffer from blood cancer and are dependent on a life-saving stem cell donation

"Since I have been a Hertha member for a long time, I thought I would simply write to the association by e-mail. In such a situation, you have nothing to lose," explains Pauline's father Alexander touched. "We are very happy and grateful that Hertha BSC has complied with our request. Thanks to the wide reach of the club channels and even a video call from the sports director Arne Friedrich, our request was brought to our attention. We would never have expected that Pauline would now even be on the jersey on behalf of all the sick people at the home game to draw attention to this important issue. The commitment of Hertha BSC is simply outstanding!"

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