Leroy Sane & Sergio Ramos Wear 'Secret' Adidas Long Sleeve Kits - Not Available To Buy...

This would not have been a news just some years ago. Germany international Leroy Sane and Spain international Sergio Ramos were spotted wearing long-sleeve jerseys in yesterday's UEFA Nations League matches, and that was something that caused quite an excitement on social media.

Over the past couple years, more and more players started to wear undershirts instead of long-sleeved kits. This lead to much anger by traditionalists and caused some unpopular changes for them - In early 2019, it was revealed that Adidas and Major League Soccer stopped selling long sleeve jerseys.

MLS Teams Will No Longer Sell Long Sleeve Kits

Sergio Ramos & Leroy Sane Wear "Never-Seen-Before" Adidas Long-Sleeve Kits

Sergio Ramos and Leroy Sane were both wearing wearing a long-sleeved shirt instead of a base layer, which is worn by most players nowadays. Sergio Ramos rolled up its kit slightly.

There are no plans by Adidas to release their 2020 National Teams as long-sleeve versions. There are a few Adidas 20-21 kits available as long-sleeve versions, including those of Bayern München, Real Madrid and Arsenal. They retail at not less than exactly 100 Euro.

Nike is not selling long-sleeved jerseys for their teams at all.

Instead Of Long Sleeve Kit - Umbro Produces 'Undershirts' With Kit Design For Bundesliga Club Schalke 04

Are you a fan of long-sleeve jerseys? Should Adidas start selling long-sleeve versions of their kits again? Share your thoughts in the comments below.