Crazy Jorge Campos Kits - Best Of & Why He Wore Them

Mexican goalkeeper Jorge Campos celebrates its 54th birthday today. If you are a fan of classic football shirts, you likely know that he is the footballer with the had the craziest & sickest kits. Football Shirt Collective (@thefootballsc) takes a look at only some his outstanding custom kit designs.

Jorge Campos (born 15 October 1966) is a Mexican former professional footballer who played as a goalkeeper. He was active from 1988-2004 for Pumas UNAM, LA Galaxy, and the Mexican National Team , amongst others.

Jorge Campos Wears Crazy Keeper Kits To Make Up Height

At 1.68 m (5 ft 6 in), Jorge Campos was very small for a goalkeeper. To pump up his own and confuse his opponent’s concentration, Campos donned neon-colored kits with dazzling geometric patterns that were influenced by his childhood in Acapulco.

Jorge Campos even designed a few of them via his own company, ACA Sport (named for Acapulco). He managed to make brands like Umbro and Nike having their labels sewn into already made kits.

Best Of | Jorge Campos Goalkeeper Kits

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