'New Company' IQONIQ Signs Batch of Sponsor Deals With Clubs Like Roma, Crystal Palace & Real Sociedad Within Just A Few Weeks

If you watched football recently and kept an eye on team's shirts and other ads, you might have noticed a brand that you have not seen before - 'IQONIQ'. Let us find out what Iqoniq is and with which teams they have already signed deals.

IQONIQ Is A New Fan Engagement Platform

IQONIQ is a new fan engagement platform that exclusively targets the “Sport & Entertainment world”. IQONIQ's app offers fans content from some of the world's best leagues and clubs, including some exclusive content.

IQONIQ secured €100 million in funding in April JulyIn July 2020, IQONIQ secured €100 million in funding from Lux Media Investments, a Luxembourg-based private investment company, to support its “continuous development and global expansion.”

IQONIQ Signs Dozens Of Sport Sponsorship Deals In few Weeks To Boost Brand's Global Extension

In order to boost the global awareness for IQONIQ and its app, IQONIQ signed dozens of sports sponsorship deals.

IQONIQ just has 1,500 followers on TwitterIn the past four months, IQONIQ has signed various deals in the world of sports. In football, they have partnership deals with Crystal Palace, AS Roma, La Liga, Roma and Zenit, among others.

Outside of football, Iqoniq sponsors Euroleague Basketball, European Handball Federation, F1’s McLaren Racing and the Drone Champions League.

As of today, IQONIQ are an official La Liga main sponsor, the new front-of-shirt sponsor for Real Sociedad and sleeve sponsor of Crystal Palace, AS Roma and Marseille, to name just a few.

Football Sponsorships Deals Signed By IQONIQ

  • Real Sociedad (main shirt sponsor)
  • Crystal Palace (sleeve sponsor)
  • AS Roma (sleeve sponsor)
  • Marseille (sleeve sponsor)
  • Monaco (sleeve sponsor)
  • Zenit (back of shirt sponsor)
  • La Liga (Main Partner)
  • Groningen (Engagement Partner)
  • Valencia (Global Partner)

We will keep our eye on which team will become the next to sign a deal with Iqoniq.

IQONIQ currently just has 1,500 followers on Twitter.

What do you think of IQONIQ signing such many teams, leagues and other sports in just a few weeks? Share your thoughts in the comments below.