Nike Authentic Kits Are Outrageously Expensive In The USA

When writing an article about the new Brazil 2020 kits and checking its prices, we were quite surprised when seeing the different prices of the kit in Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States - they are some big price gaps.

Authentic Nike Kits Much More Expensive In United States

As revealed in above's table, replica kits in EU countries and the USA both retail at 90 (EUR / USD). Authentic kits, however, cost you 130 EUR but 165 USD [extra 40 EUR but extra 75 USD). That is a sole extra price increase of 87,5% (17.85% overall).

Football kits are the most chepeast in the UKFor fans in the UK, the deal for kits in general and authentic kits in particular is even better. Replica kits retail at 70 GBP (78 Euro), authentic kits at 90 GBP (just 100 Euro). The GBP has been weak in recent years, so UK customers might have not more money...

This means that the extra costs for an authentic kit for customers from the US is around the double as it is for UK customers - +42% vs +83,3%.

The reason is likely that US customers are generally more high-spending than those in Europe and that they value authentic Player Issue products higher - the Adidas MLS authentic kits also come with much more details than the remarkably low-detailed replica kits.

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There is no national sales tax in the USIt is important to know that US prices do not include taxes. In general, national sales taxes are lower in the United States. There is no national sales tax in the US and therefore no standard rate. Sales or use tax rates vary by state, ranging from 2.9 to 7.25 percent at the state level. In addition to the state rate, local governments in 35 states impose an additional sales or use tax ranging from 1 to 5 percent.

In contrast to Nike, Adidas' price differences between the replica and the authentic kits in the US are fair. Adidas replica kits costs you 90 USD, while authentic kits costs you 130 USD.

In Detail - Nike 2020-21 100 GBP Authentic vs 70 GBP Replica Kits

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