Top 5 League Teams That Got Teamwear Kits From Supplier

Some days ago, we took a look at which types of football kits clubs get from their kit supplier. Today we want to take a look at which teams in Europe's Top 5 leagues (Bundesliga, La Liga, Ligue 1, Premier League & Serie A) are getting no custom jerseys at all, and which teams just get customized kits.

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Top 5 League - Teams & The Level Of Kits They Get

In Italy, there is no club who gets a completely standard kitWhen scrolling trough the 2020-21 shirts of the Top 5 leagues, it quickly becomes obvious that two things have to come together for teams to get no bespoke kits. They need to be sponsored by one of the three big brands (Adidas, Nike and Puma) and they need to be "small".

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Small teams sponsored by smaller brands mostly get bespoke jerseysSmaller first division teams sponsored by smaller brands get bespoke jerseys - they are just more important for them.

Of course, there are also many teams that get not completely custom looks but teamwear / old / 'borrowed designs' with custom colors and design elements - they are often "twinned by design".

There had been much more standard template jerseys tem years agoHowever, when comparing the kits present in the Top 5 leagues to the jerseys of some years ago, there are much less standard teamwear kits present. All Adidas, Puma and Nike try to avoid giving teamwear shirts to teams, certainly also because they have / had been criticized heavily online.

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Nike-sponsored FC Augsburg is the only team that gets only teamwear jerseys. Frankfurt, Hertha and Leipzig, who are all sponsored by Nike, get standard teamwear third shirts.

Premier League

In the Premier League, there is not a single team that does not get at least one bespoke kit from its supplier. However, two teams only get teamwear alternative shirts. Brighton* (away - Nike), **Fulham (third - Adidas).

Some of the big brand's clubs shirt do just have custom colors but no custom designs, e.g. Wolves and Leicester.

La Liga

In the Spanish La Liga, Nike-sponsored Granada is the only club that gets just a single bespoke jersey.

Sevilla, interestingly, just gets kits with custom colors from Nike. Adidas-sponsored Cadiz, Real Valladolid and Osasuna receive kits created via miadidas.

Ligue 1

The Ligue 1 is the league in which there are the most teams with rather boring kits. However, just Montpellier is having completely teamwear kits - they just get custom colors for their home (teamwear away & third)

Smaller teams sponsored by Adidas have kits created via miadidas (Stade Brest, RC Strasbourg)

Serie A

In Italy, there is no club who gets a completely standard kit, which makes the league outstanding. The reason for this is that all smaller clubs are not sponsored by the big three brands but by smaller suppliers. (Cagliari has jerseys created via miadidas).

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