All Premier League 20-21 Kits - Just 1 Of 60 Kits To Be Still Released

Update: It looks like that there is just one kit missing for the 2020-21 Premier League season - Burnley, who did not release a new third kit yet.

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Today we want to take a comprehensive look at all Premier League jerseys that got leaked in full so far.

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2020-2021 English Premier League Soccer Jerseys

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The Covid-19 pandemic forced brands to postpone releases of many kits - we therefore saw 2020-21 Premier League kit releases until September 2020.



The Adidas Arsenal 2020-21 third shirt boasts a modern and stiking color scheme. The Adidas Arsenal FC 2020-2021 third shirt is mainly dark navy, combined with striking light orange applications. The official color combo is 'Legend Marine / Light Flash Orange'.

Arsenal 20-21 Third Kit Released

Aston Villa


A clean look based on the same template as the home, the Kappa Aston Villa 2020-21 away football shirt is black with dark red pinstripes and a white Kappa logo on the right chest. The collar of the Kappa AVFC 2020-21 away jersey is white and red.

Aston Villa 20-21 Away Kit Released + Third Kit Leaked


An outstanding way to round off the set, the Kappa Aston Villa 2020-2021 third shirt is white with a subtle camouflage pattern and monochrome blue logos. The collar is half blue, half yellow.

Aston Villa 20-21 Third Kit Released

Brighton & Hove Albion


Based on the Nike Challange III teamwear template, the Nike Brighton 20-21 away jersey is yellow and blue. Like the club's 20-21 home shirt, it "has a look and feel which reflects the club’s of the early 1980s".

Brighton & Hove Albion 20-21 Away Kit Released



Burnley 20-21 Third Kit Released - Premier League Launches Complete


The Umbro Burnley 2020-2021 away jersey is predominantly black with an intricate print on the front, based on the old crest, replaced at the start of the club's Premier League era in 2009.

Burnley 20-21 Away Kit Revealed


The Umbro Burnley Football Club 2020-2021 third jersey celebrates "the club's heritage with a bold but popular yellow colour, with claret details, which help this seasons third shirt convey a sense of identity and pride."



Chelsea FC's 2020-21 third jersey has a light red, almost pinkish base color, combining it with a dark and saturated blue.

Chelsea 20-21 Third Kit Revealed


The collar of the Chelsea 2020-21 Air Max jersey is split between blue and red, with the design continuing onto the front and fading towards the 'Air 180' sponsor.

Nike Air Max Chelsea 20-21 Fourth Kit Released



The Hummel Everton 20-21 third football shirt has a fresh look in seafoam, combined with charcoal. Hummel’s iconic chevrons are across the shoulders and sleeves.

Hummel Everton 20-21 Third Kit + Stunning Black / Gold Goalkeeper Kit Released

Goalkeeper Third

The Everton 20-21 goalkeeper third kit is black and gold. It feature the soundwave design from the home and shirts.



The Adidas Fulham 20-21 home shirt is white with black sleeves. Based on the Adidas Condivo 20 the Adidas Fulham 2020-2021 home jersey features a v-neck collar with inner red lining.

Fulham 20-21 Home & Away Kits Released - Premier League Home Kits Complete


The Adidas Fulham 2020-21 away shirt is a all-yellow - the first entirely yellow strip worn by the Club since the 08/09 campaign. The Adidas Fulham 2020-21 away football shirt is based on the Adidas Regista 20 template in yellow / white.


Fulham also released three new goalkeeper kits. All are based on the standard Adidas Adipro 20 template.

Leeds United


A clean look, the Adidas Leeds 2020-21 away jersey features stripes in two shades of blue, combined with yelow for the Adidas stripes and a tape on the inner neck. The official colors are 'legend ink' and 'mystery green'.

Adidas Leeds United 20-21 Away Kit Released


The Adidas Leeds United 2020-2021 third football shirt is predominantly dark red with a pattern on the front and solid maroon sleeves. The logos are golden, while more trim in the color is present on the collar and sleeve cuffs of the Adidas Leeds United 2020-21 third shirt.

Leeds United 20-21 Third Kit Revealed

Leicester City


The Adidas Leicester City 2020-21 away football shirt has a classy design in white with blue logos on the front. The 3 Stripes are blue on the right and gold on the left.

Leicester City 20-21 Away & Third Kits Released


The Adidas Leicester 2020-21 third football shirt introduces a bold new look for the club. Predominantly maroon, it features monochrome white logos and white trim, as well as white side panels.



The Nike Liverpool 2020-21 third jersey is black with a grey checkerboard pattern on the front and back.

Liverpool 20-21 Third Kit Released


The Liverpool FC 2020-21 fourth jersey is set to combine the main color white with black applications and pinkish red logos. The pinkish red color is the same used for the Nike Liverpool 20-21 third jersey.

Nike Liverpool 20-21 Fourth Kit Info Leaked - Released This Month?

Goalkeeper Home

The Nike Liverpool FC 2020-2021 goalkeeper jersey is dark grey with black and white.

Nike Liverpool 20-21 Goalkeeper Home, Away & Third Kits Revealed

Goalkeeper Away

The Nike Liverpool FC 2020-21 goalkeeper away shirt introduces a clean look in university gold and black, featuring a subtle all-over graphic print.

Goalkeeper Third

Based on the same template as the previous two, the Nike Liverpool 2020-2021 goalkeeper third football shirt is green with black logos and detailing.

Manchester City


The Manchester City 20-21 third jersey combines the colors 'Whisper White' & 'Peacoat' with an eye-catching all-over Paisley print. Whisper-White is a very light beige color tone that will most likely appear white from afar, while Peacoat is Puma's standard navy color tone.

Manchester City 20-21 Third Kit Released

Manchester United


The Adidas Manchester United 2020-21 third jersey introduces a bold and unique look for the club, featuring a 'dazzle camo' all-over print in white and black.

Manchester United 20-21 Third Kit Released

Sheffield United


The Adidas Sheffield United 2020-21 third jersey has a stunning yet fresh look for the club. The Adidas Sheffield United 2020-21 third jersey combines a deep green base with golden logos and applications.

Sheffield United 20-21 Third Kit Released - Debut Against Arsenal



Following purple (17-18), green (18-19) and blue (19-20), Tottenham Hotspur's new 2020-2021 third jersey is yellow. The logos on the Nike Tottenham Hotspur 2020-2021 third football shirt are dark blue ('binary blue').

Tottenham Hotspur 20-21 Third Kit Revealed


The new Tottenham 2020-2021 fourth football shirt introduces a bold and eye-catching gradient design, closely inspired by the iconic Nike Air Max 95.

Nike Air Max Tottenham Hotspur 20-21 Fourth Kit Released

West Ham


A classy look, the Umbro West Ham United 2020-21 third jersey is black with monochrome golden logos as well as a faint Hammer graphic all over the front.

Classy West Ham 20-21 Third Kit Released - 125th Anniversary

West Bromwich Albion


The Puma West Bromwich Albion 2020-2021 third jersey is predominantly red with the barcode stripe design appearing on the front, sleeves and back in yellow.

West Bromwich Albion 20-21 Third Kit Released



A "unique and urban" design, the Adidas Wolves 20-21 away jersey is based on the Adidas Condivo 20 template in a never-seen-before colorway that combines a pale blue base with a darker and more saturated shade of blue for the pattern as well as black and amber on the collar and cuffs.

Wolves 20-21 Away Kit Released


Based on adidas' custom miteam kit creation service, the adidas Wolves 2020-2021 third shirt combines a maroon base with green accents such as a V-neck with white trim, while the style gets repeated at the sleeve cuffs.

Wolves 20-21 Third Kit Released

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