Why? AC Milan Wears Champions League Winners Badge In Every Competition

One of our followers has asked us why Italian club Milan is wearing the 7 titles UEFA 'Badge of Honor' in the Serie A. Let us investigate it.

Milan has won the European Cup/UEFA Champions League seven times. The first in 1963, which made them the first Italian side to win the European Cup. The other six victories came in 1969, 1989, 1990, 1994, 2003 and 2007.

Milan Wears UEFA Champions League "Badge Of Honor" Without Any Specific Reasons

The official reason for Milan to wear it is not known, but it is likely that they just want to show off their success they reached in the most important European club competition. In fact, Milan is the only Italian club to be allowed to wear the UEFA 'Badge of Honor'.

Other team to have won the Champions League five times (or three times in a row) and wear the official UEFA Champions League "Badge Of Honor" are Real Madrid, Barcelona, Liverpool, Bayern, and Ajax (3 in a row) - but these teams only use it in UEFA competitions.

UEFA Champions League Winners Badge Rule Explained

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In fact, it is nothing new that Milan is wearing the official Champions League titles badge in the Serie A - the club did already do so in 2006, when their shirts featured a six title badge.

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