Adidas 'Superlative' 2021 Boots Pack Released - Next-Gen Copa & Predator

Adidas have today unveiled their first football boot collection, the "Superlative Pack".

The Adidas Superlative pack includes the brand-new Predator Freak as well as the next-gen Copa Sense - which is not out yet - alongside fresh new colorways for the Nemeziz and X Ghosted.

Next-Gen Adidas Predator Freak 2021 Boots Released

Adidas 'Superlative' 2021 Soccer Cleats Pack

Via Pro-Direct Soccer

The 'Superlative' new year Adidas boot collection includes striking and unique colorways for all of Adidas' boot silos - the Copa is black / white / gold, the Nemeziz is black / blue / white, the Predator black / blue / yellow and the X yellow / white.

The Superlative Adidas Copa and Predator are the respective debut colorways of the new generation - the two are known as "Copa Sense" and "Predator Freak" from now on.

Adidas Predator Freak 'Superlative'

Adidas' new Freak Predator boots have an aggressive design. The new 'Black / Team Royal Blue / Solar Yellow / White' adidas PREDATOR Freak.1 boots combine a blue / black upper with striking yellow for the rubber pads and white for the Three Stripes.

Next-Gen Adidas Predator Freak 2021 Boots Released

Adidas Nemeziz 'Superlative'

The 'Team Royal Blue / White / Solar Yellow' adidas Nemeziz+ cleats introduce a fresh and striking design in blue, white, yellow and black. The official color combo of the adidas Nemeziz+ 'Team Royal Blue / White / Solar Yellow' is Team Royal Blue / White / Solar Yellow.

Adidas Nemeziz 'Superlative Pack' 2021 Boots Leaked

Adidas X Ghosted 'Superlative'

A similar colorway as the "Precision to Blur" cleats, the yellow / black / white adidas X Ghosted+ 'Superlative Pack' soccer cleats are mainly Solar Yellow with black / blue brandings and white applications.

Adidas X 'Superlative Pack' 2021 Boots Leaked

Adidas Copa Sense 'Superlative'

For the launch edition of the new Adidas Copa Sense cleats, Adidas opts for a look that is both classic yet luxurious. The new Adidas Copa Sense boots combine an all-black upper with a golden sole plate and white details.

Next-Gen Adidas Copa Sense Launch Boots Leaked

Three of the four Adidas boots from the 2021 Superlative pack ahve already hit stores - the Predator, Nemeziz and X. The Adidas Superlative Pack Adidas Copa Sense will be released in February.

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