Chelsea 21-22 Home + Away Predictions & How Probable They Are

Last weekend, Jack Henderson (@hendocfc) shared his first predictions for Nike's 2021-22 football shirts. Nike's efforts for Chelsea stand out in particular since the home will introduce vibrant yellow accents and potentially a dazzling graphic pattern on the body. The away jersey will return to a fan favorite color combination of yellow and black. Chelsea is set to receive an exciting set of shirts.

EXCLUSIVE: Nike Chelsea 21-22 Home Kit Colors Leaked

Nike Chelsea 2021-22 Home & Away Jersey Concepts

Jack's Chelsea 21-22 home and away jersey predictions include all intel leaked so far. Nevertheless, his work is only at a conceptual stage at this point and should not be taken literally - "Disclaimer: These aren't accurate at all as there's not enough information available. Treat them as concepts."

These aren't accurate at all as there's not enough information available. Treat them as concepts.

Chelsea 21-22 Home Jersey - Likelihood ~40%

Check out Nike's Chelsea 21-22 home jersey below.

The Nike Chelsea 2021-22 football shirt combines a saturated blue ('Lyon Blue') with vibrant yellow ('Opti Yellow') accents. The pattern that is present on the shirt is taken from the accompanying collection and represents an optical illusion effect. It is not known if this pattern will be implemented on the jersey. For example, it could also be used on the pre-match shirt

Chelsea 21-22 Collection Leaked - Optical Illusion / Black & Yellow To Be Used For 21-22 the Nike Chelsea 2021-2022 shirt?

Details like the template and the collar are also not known yet but based on some Nike 21-22 products leaked. We give this concept an 'accuracy' of 40%.

Chelsea Nike 21-22 Away Jersey - Likelihood ~75%

This is the Chelsea 2021-22 away jersey, made by Nike.

The Nike Chelsea 2021-2022 away football shirt brings back a popular colour combination of yellow and black (Opti Yellow / Black). It is a simple design that stands out because of the vibrant main color. The sleeve, sponsor logos and front part of the crew-neck collar are black as well as one stripe on each side. A monochrome rendition of the club's logo sits on the left chest.

We give the Chelsea 21-22 away jersey prediction an accuracy of 75% - Why? The colors are possibly 100% correct, while the template and details like the sleeve cuffs or side stripe are not certain yet.

We will find out how accurate these Chelsea 21-22 concepts really are in May / June / July 2021 at the latestDo you like these possible looks of the Chelsea 21-22 home and away shirts? Comment below, and see the 21-22 Kit Overview for more.