Errea to Provide Kit Assistance for Small UEFA Nations From 2022 to 2026

About one year ago, Italian sportswear brand Erreà announced that it will become the official partner of UEFA for the Top Executive Programme (TEP) Kit Assistance Scheme, a project to assist the smaller European football federations. Now it has been announced which teams will be benefitting from this initiative.

Macron 2020 UEFA Kit Assistance National Team Kits Released - Andorra, Belarus, Cyprus, Faroe Islands, Luxembourg and San Marino

Erreà Becomes New UEFA Kit Assistance Brand

Eight European national teams will receive bespoke jerseys from Errea as part of UEFA's Kit Assistance Scheme. Macron fulfilled this task from 2018 to 2022, with Adidas preceding them.

The UEFA Kit Assistance Scheme was launched in 2007 with the intention to assist smaller federations. This agreement manifests in two cycles of two years, 2022-2024 and 2024-2026, during which Erreà will design and produce bespoke shirts and collections for the national teams, in close collaboration with the staff of each federation. There are eight federations present in the first cycle: Andorra, Belarus, Cyprus, Faroe Islands, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Malta and San Marino. This seems to imply that Armenia are leaving the program, with Malta joining it.

UEFA's Kit Assistance Scheme also includes the U21 teams as well as referee kits and saves federations up to €300,000 each.

No More Same Kits For European National Teams - Macron Replaces Adidas As UEFA Kit Assistance Brand

Do you look forward to see Errea's kits for these national teams? Will they do as good a job as Macron did? Leave a comment below.