'Fixed' Kappa SSC Napoli 2020-21 Fourth Kit

Napoli debuted their new Kappa 2020-21 fourth shirt yesterday. It is a beautiful effort by Italian kit supplier Kappa that pays homage to the late Diego Maradona. However, there are parts of the design that a supplier can not influence such as the sponsor logos. Napoli kit experts @TutelaMagliaNA quickly 'fixed' this issue by creating a version with clean sponsor logos.

Tribute to Maradona: Argentine-Inspired Napoli 20-21 Fourth Kit Revealed

'Fixed' Kappa SSC Napoli 20-21 Fourth Jersey

Maintaining the very essence of the originally revealed shirt, this Napoli 2020-21 concept fourth kit simply swaps Lete's very striking red sponsor logo with a white outline for a clean black one. The one of coffee company Kimbo on the lower back also gets the blackout treatment instead of standing out in a negative way.

Napoli and Kappa also tried to convince Lete of the idea to implement a friendly white sponsor logo before this season. However, the company was not content and the backlash of the fan base was too late for any changes as production already began several months before. Serie A addressed this issue before this season by banning boxes surrounding a sponsor logo. Previously, Lete's logo was a white lettering within a red box.

"Excessive Fan Reaction": Kappa Would Have Prefered Non-Red Lete Sponsor on Napoli 20-21 Kits

SSC Napoli 2019-20 vs 2020-21 home jersey - via Football Kit Archive

Do you prefer the 'fixed' version of Kappa's Napoli 2020-2021 fourth shirt? What do you think of Lete's logo no matter what color? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.