"Excessive Fan Reaction": Kappa Would Have Prefered Non-Red Lete Sponsor on Napoli 20-21 Kits

Released officially earlier today, the new SSC Napoli 2020-2021 home, away, third and goalkeeper kits got leaked got leaked on August 19.

Napoli 20-21 Home, Away, Third & Goalkeeper Kits Leaked

And while the designs were well received by supporters of the club, they were unhappy about the red Lete sponsor logo on the kits. They even started a petition to change the logo, something that is of course not possible in time for the 20-21 season, being so late in the process.

Reported by Calcio Napoli 1926, a Kappa distributor recently talked about the 20-21 kits and the challenge they had with Lete about the red color.

In case you missed it, from the 2020-21 season, Serie A has forbidden sponsor logos to be placed within a box. Therefore, the Lete logo is just red, while it had a white text with a red background previously.

Serie A To Ban 'Unfriendly' Sponsors + Introduce Global Kit Font

Kappa Distributor Talks About New Napoli 2020-21 Kits

Enrico Caruso, Kappa's distributor in Campania, spoke today at Radio Punto Nuovo microphones to express some considerations on the new Napoli shirt. The red color of the sponsor sparked the anger of the fans, who took it out on the Lete for the decision not to change the writing in white.

Enrico Caruso said that he also thinks that white looks better, and that the battle against the red color was too great.

Kappa Napoli 20-21 "concept" with white sponsor

"The new jersey and the red writing on the chest? Personal opinion: with me you break down an open door to red (Annotation: "Sfondare una porta aperta" - this means that you are trying to convince of something someone who is of your same opinion), but asking for a change of color of a sponsor, after the production was already launched four months ago, is not a viable way".

SSC Napoli 19-20 Home, Away, Third & Goalkeeper Kits Released

"Although I do not particularly like the blue-red combination, I find this battle against Lete really forced. It is a historical sponsor, since twelve years. It seems to me excessive as controversy. Of course, the white writing would have been better, but the red writing gives continuity. The new jersey will have two types of fabric, even more technical and breathable. The game jersey must be performing and have a certain type of fit, while the replica will have more affordable prices and a different fit".

A fan buys the jersey without knowing much about it"If the fans will make a fuss about the new jersey? As far as I'm concerned, I don't think there are any prerequisites for a change in design. The Napoli jersey is a flag, not a garment. Who is a fan buys it a priori (before knowing about it). The second jersey will be a seawater green, with bottle green contrasts, while the third will be blue-navy with fuchsia contrasts".

The Kappa SSC Napoli 2020-2021 jerseys are set to be released in the coming weeks.

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Attention: Kappa Napoli €40 Replica vs €90 Authentic Kits

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