Fortaleza's Black Players Wear "Target" on Back as Part of Anti-Racism Campaign

Last night, Fortaleza played against Corinthians to kick off matchday 24 of Brasileiro Série A. The match itself was a dull affair since it ended in a goalless draw with the only highlights coming from 2 red cards in the last 10 minutes.

Before the match, Fortaleza send out a strong message with their campaign "Alvos do Racismo" (targets of racism) with the black players wearing targets on the back. The club wants to target systematic racism with this campaign. The campaign also points out that racial slurs of football fans are not punished under the sports law in Brazil.

Obviously, football clubs have a wide reach and can make the public aware of systematic discrimination. In addition, football clubs promote diversity and equality by literally showcasing that everybody is equal on the pitch - no matter what skin color. Nevertheless, racism is still a problem in football as almost 50% of coaches and black athletes out of Brazil's first three tiers confirmed to have been a victim of racism at one point of their career.

Marcelo Paz, Fortaleza's president, had the following the say: "Não basta não ser racista, tem que ser antirracista, tem que combater qualquer tipo de discriminação de cor - pontua Marcelo Paz, presidente do Fortaleza." (It is not enough not to be racist, you have to be anti-racist, you have to fight any type of color discrimination - points out Marcelo Paz, president of Fortaleza.)

“Fortaleza has a history of struggle, positioning itself and covering all colors. We had idols, players, coaches, blacks, whites, without any distinction, they were always embraced by the club. So we understand the importance of taking a stand with this action that was projected ”, added Fortaleza's president.

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