Juventus Extends Jeep Deal Until 2024 - 45 Million Euro / Season

Juventus Football Club yesterday officially communicated that they have reached an agreement with FCA Italy S.p.A. (“FCA” - owner of FIAT and the Jeep brand) for the renewal of the match jersey sponsorship for 2021-22, 2022-23 and 2023-24 sporting seasons.

Juventus Receive Extra €50 Million As They Renegotiate Jeep Deal

Jeep has been on the front of the Juventus kit since the 2012-2013 sporting seasonJeep has been on the front of the Juventus kit since the 2012-2013 sporting season. The previous deal was valid until 2021. In October 2019, after the arrival of CR7, Juventus announced a rework of their sponsorship deal with Jeep that gave them an extra € 25 million per season (€ 42 million in total per season for 2019-20 & 2020-21).

Jeep To Be On Front Of Juventus' Kit Until At Least 30 June 2024

As revealed in the official announcement, the new Juventus Jeep agreement "provides for a base fee of € 45 million for each sporting season and variable components based on sporting results".

Juventus will get € 45 million each season and variable components based on sporting results.'Last-Minute' Gold Jeep Logo 'Turns Black' On Juventus 20-21 Home Kit

Juventus and FCA are related parties as they are both subject to the control of EXOR N.V. This transaction, although it is considered an ordinary transaction at market-equivalent conditions-standard, has been subjected, pursuant to the procedure for related party transactions adopted by Juventus, to the Board of Directors’ approval, following the reasoned positive opinion issued by the Committee for related party transactions. Being a significant related party transaction (maggiore rilevanza), an information document will be published according to the terms and procedures provided for by the applicable laws and regulations.

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