Phil Foden Next Player To Leave Nike

Manchester City youngster Phil Foden is set to leave his boot supplier Nike.

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Phil Foden has been sponsored by Nike since he has been a teenager. He wore the Nike Hypervenom silo when he made his first team on 21 November 2017. Most recently laced up in the Neighboorhood colorway of the discontinued Nike Phantom VNM boots.

Phil Foden Debuts Blackout Nike Phantom VNM Boots

In Man City's League Cup match against Arsenal, Phil Foden was wearing a pair of blackout Nike Phantom Venom boots instead of the discontinued Nike Phantom VNM Neighboorhood colorway. In fact, it appears like that Foden was wearing the blackout 'Kinetic Black' Pack with an iridescent finish.

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The fact that Foden had been lacing up in the discontinued Nike Phantom Venom boots for several months and that he is now wearing blackout Nike Phantom Venom boots make it pretty certain that his Nike deal is over.

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There are no official news about Foden' contract situation. Stay tuned how this story evolves in the coming months.

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