2 Radical Inter Milan Concept Logos - New Inter Logo Coming March 2021

Italian club Inter Milan will change their crest in 2021, we have reported on Saturday. It is said to feature a radical redesign - we take a look at two simplified Internazionale concept logos, created by Emiliano Sansolini and Alberto Mariani.

Inter Milan Logo Redesign

Inter Milan Redesign I - Inspired by Juventus - Created by @EmilioSansolini

EmilioSansolini's Inter concept logo iamgines how the logo would look like with the same style as Juventus' redesigned crest from 2017. It was already created three years ago, together with other Serie A teams.

Official: Juve Ditches "Juventus" Lettering From Logo

Inter Milan Redesign II -Created by @rupertalbe

The concept crest by Italian Inter fan and graphic designer @rupertalbe has a modern yet classic appearance that just intertwines the letters I & M. It reminds us of the famous New York Yankees cap logo.

we think the club will begin to include the words "Inter Milan" in their logoWe don't think that Internazionale's new logo will look similar to one of the two concepts - we personally believe the club will begin to include the words "Inter Milan" in their logo "to make the brand more accessible globally".

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