Best Yet? Inter Milan Concept Logo By Matti Vandersee

Inter Milan will reveal a 'revolutionary' new crest in March 2021. Designer Matti Vandersee (@VNDLZR) has created a modern yet sleek new concept identity for the Italian club.

Inter Milan Rebrand By Matti Vandersee

Inspired by the club's current logo, Matti Vandersee's Inter concept keeps most of the elements of the current crest except the interlocking white monogram “FCIM” - it is replaced with just an I and a M. A simple yet effective change.

What makes his rebranding so well received by people is not only the standard colorway of the logo but the alternative paint jobs for his concept crest - a black / gold variant, an 'Italian' variant as well as different black / white variants.

Inter's official new logo will be released in March 2021

Rounding off his concept, Matti Vandersee also created a 3d preview of his crest while also imaging how it looks like on different products.

4 Inter Milan Concept Logos & How They Look On Kits

Inter's 'Alternative' Logo & Branding

Do you like the Inter Milan concept branding by Matti Vandersee? Do you think Inter's official new logo will look similarly good? Comment below.