Inter's 'Alternative' Logo & Branding

Inter Milan is set to release a new logo in Spring 2021. If you are following the club's social media accounts, you might have already noticed that the Nerazzurri are having a modern visual identity. We take a closer look at Inter Milan's visual identity that has been in use for quite some time.

Internazionale Milano Visual Identity

Inter's "alternative" logo version is nothing newly created. Instead, for all their graphics such as announcement pictures, posters and line-ups, Inter is not using their standard crest but just the letters from it - IMFC (Inter Milan FC) with the colors blue and black for the logo.

The third color used by Internazionale is white, but there is no hint at the club's golden color at all.

Inter Milan's matchday magazine and other brandings use a bold typeface.

Inter Milan's branding does not look like something that needs to be changedIn fact, the alternative Internazionale logo has been already used by Nike for some of Inter Milan's training items and other stuff.

All in all, it can be said that the Inter Milan branding does not look like something outdated.

Do you like Inter Milan's branding? Should they keep the current crest? Comment below.