Exclusive: Next-Gen Adidas X Speedflow 2021 Boots Leaked

Update: Confirming our exclusive leak, Italy's Cristiano Biraghi has trained in the next-generation Adidas X 2021 football boots, which are called 'Speedflow'. They reveal a completely revamped upper design that has less in common with the (unpopular) Adidas X Ghosted boots. Thanks to @bootsclub for the heads-up.

Cristiano Biraghi Trains in Next-Gen Adidas X Speedflow .1 Boots

We are able to leak the 'all-new' Adidas X Speedflow 2021 soccer cleats. They will come out in Summer 2021.

On Friday, 23 October 2020 we leaked that the next-generation Adidas X 2021-2022 soccer shoes will be called X SPEEDFLOW - the current-gen Adidas X is called X GHOSTED.

Adidas 2021 X Speedflow Launch? Edition

For the possible launch edition of the new Adidas X Speedflow cleats, the Three Stripes opt for a modern and fresh look. The Adidas X Speedflow cleats are mainly white with a hand-painted like multicolor graphic upper in bright colors.

Interestingly, the colorway is remarkably similar to the launch edition of the next-generation Nike Mercurial 2021 boots - but that just by coincidence certainly.

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The official color combo of these Adidas X SPEEDFLOW boots is not known yet.

Tech-wise, nothing official about the next-gen X Speedflow is known yet. However, they look very similar to the current generation. The main difference seems to be the construction around the ankle and the tongue, which are both higher for a closer fit and therefore more lockdown and speed.

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The outsole appears to be identical to the current-gen cleats.

As you surely noticed, the pictures show the Adidas X SPEEDFLOW.1 version - the high-end laces edition of the cleats. The naming system for the versions will be - Adidas X Speedflow+ (high-end laceless), Adidas X Speedflow.1, Adidas X Speedflow.2 etc.

The new Adidas X Speedflow boots are set to be available from July 2021.

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