Highly Popular: Iridiscent Nike Chelsea Jersey - Fake Based On Concept

Update: As we expected, the fake was not designed by the counterfeiters but by concept designer @soccept. He designed his Chelsea Third Kit Concept in March 2020, 48 weeks ago.

Iridescent Chelsea Kit Based On Design Concept of @soccept

When browsing the web, we noticed another ridiculous fake football jersey that is intended for Chelsea. The shirt immediately stands out because of its mesmerizing appearance and bad quality.

Fake? Nike Liverpool Kit 'Leaked'

It seems like fake football shirts are getting more popular every year, and fake football shirt sellers also started to cater to a whole new audience by producing fake retro kits. This shirt is probably one of the worst we have ever seen. The logos immediately give away that it is a fake, without even taking the clowny overall appearance into account.

Disclaimer: This shirt seems to enjoy a certain degree of popularity in Brazil. We advise everybody to never buy fake football shirts. They always stand out because of bad quality and they do not have any resale value. If you do not want to spend 90 bucks on a replica jersey of your favorite team you can always search for discounted shirts of the season before or an even earlier season or you simply buy a teamwear shirt (e.g. Nike Trophy IV) and attach the Birmingham badge yourself.

Fake Iridescent Chelsea FC Kit

The fake Chelsea jersey features an all-over iridescent print that is in line with adidas' plans for next season's Juventus away shirt although the German brand will restrict the iridiscent effect to logos.

Juventus 21-22 Away Kit Design Leaked

Otherwise, there is a black V-Neck, a recolored sky blue version of the '3' logo with a black border, and a ridiculous golden iridescent Chelsea logo.

What do you think of this fake Chelsea jersey? Is this another football shirt that was originally designed by a concept kit creator? Let us know in the comments down below.