Icardi's Cheap Vector Logo Is Not New: Mauro Icardi Changes Instagram Profile Picture To Troll Inter Milan

Update: It turns out that Mauro Icardi already used his new Instagram profile picture back in September 2020 to plug his sponsor. This means that Mauro Icardi unironically used his new profile picture in the past, while it might be a nod to Inter Milan's rebranding process this time. Thanks to @antofa for the hint.

Original Article from 21 January 2021: Mauro Icardi 'Reveals New Personal Logo' To Troll Inter Milan

Former Inter player Mauro Icardi has changed his profile picture on Instagram. While some reports state that he revealed a new personal logo, a quick research reveals that he certainly just wanted to show his disgrace for former team Inter ahead of their rebrand.

Inter Milan To Release New Logo

Mauro Icardi did not leave a good memory in Milan
Icardi's old profile picture

New Mauro Icardi Logo Is Stock Company Logo

Mauro Icardi's alleged new personal logo sees his initials intertwined - his initials are the same as his old club. However, as noted by Inter fan and graphic designer @rupertalbe, his new profile picture is surely not his new personal logo.

Mauro Icardi's "new" logo is in fact a cheap stock logo

The MI logo of Mauro Icardi is in fact a cheap stock logo that is available to buy as vector for less than 1 USD on many websites.

Strange strange coincidence in time - Some Italian media wrongly reported that Icardi changed its logo

Mauro Icardi did not leave a good memory in Milan, despite the many goals scored in his years with the Nerazzurri - the saga is known as the 'Icardi fall out". He was sold to Paris Saint Germain for 50 million Euro last summer.

When searching for an IM logo on Google, a few "good looking" MI /IM brandings appear.

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