MLS & Adidas Try To Get Rid Of White Kits

In the past few years, both Adidas and Major League Soccer have been rightly criticized for releasing almost only white away kits for MLS teams. In 2021, both parties are trying to change it.

There have / had been two reasons why almost all MLS teams have one white jersey - first MLS's policy of light/dark uniforms (one kit light, the other dark), the second that the teams have no third kits.

MLS 2019 away white kits

1. MLS To Re-Introduce Third Kits

Atlanta United will get a maroon third jersey in 2021.

From 2021, select MLS clubs - those with more than 100,000 shirt sales - will again receive third kits starting in 2021. This means fans' most popular teams can release a jersey without paying attention to any rules except the standard kit regulations.

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We still expect that several teams will get new white kits from Adidas for 2021

2. Adidas Opts For Light Non-White Colors

Additionally, Adidas opts for non-white yet light colors for their kits. In example, Los Angeles FC will get a beige away kit.

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Of course, we still expect that several teams will get new white kits from Adidas for 2021. Columbus Crew's 2021 away kit will be white with grey.

Do you like Adidas and MLS trying to reduce the amount of white kits & reintroduce third jerseys? Comment below.