New Sevilla FC Logo Released?

Renowned brand website UnderConsideration this week suggested that Sevilla has unveiled a new logo and identity. However, that is only partly the case.

Sevilla FC's new branding has been created by Spanish design agency SummaThe new Sevilla FC branding was already launched in late summer 2019. It debuted in the 2020 UEFA Super Cup match against Bayern Munich. We reported about the kit font that were part of the new Sevilla FC branding.

Sevilla FC's new branding has been created by Summa, one of the biggest Spanish design agencies.

New Sevilla FC Logo - 'Digital-Only'

This is the take of brand agency Summa on Sevilla's logo.

The new Sevilla FC branding is inspired by the rich imagery of the cultural background of Seville. Its slogan is 'Never Give Up' (Nunca Te Rindas), which " represents the team’s overriding ambition and desire to continue growing, while at the same time reflecting their humility and aspiration to keep on improving".

Sevilla FC's new branding includes two different fonts, various social media graphics as well as a new, digital-only club logo.

The 'new' Sevilla FC logo is a simplified version of the regular crest and just features the colors red and white.

The new branding has been developed to help strengthen the club's global imageHowever, the new club logo is not really used by the team. While it can be said that the logo is digital-only, it is even not continuously used online.

Sevilla FC has not even used the monochromatic logo for some their latest social media graphics.

One of the new visual links between club and city is the double 'L' that appears in the new brand identity.

“This lettering dates back to 1946 and is very typical of fonts used in street signs in the city, especially the old streets,” the club explained. “In the study, we noticed the importance of lettering with historical overtones and the fact that Seville as a city steeped in history and folklore.”

The new branding has been developed "to help strengthen the club's global image - the club is paying homage to the city of Seville by creating new visual elements that reinforce the brand’s impact in both domestic and international markets".

The new Sevilla FC kit typeface is, as its general new visual identity, inspired by the city of Seville.

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You can find out more about FC Sevilla's rebrand on Summa's website as well as in an article on La Liga's Global Growth marketing website.

What do you think of the simplified Sevilla FC logo? Would you like Sevilla to use it instead of their regular crest? Comment below.